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unique skill

“Ike has the unique skill of taking a subject that is difficult for many to understand–asset protection–and making it quite clear. He is good at pointing out the risks that high net worth individuals have, without sounding draconian or as if the sky was falling. He then shows them concrete, pragmatic, simple solutions that can be implemented to protect assets from loss.

Ike is a team player. He proactively looks for information that can make a difference for me and my clients and sends it. A rare skill for many attorneys, Ike thinks outside the box and doesn't just do things the way things have always have been done. He researches cutting edge strategies, but does not shy away from the tried and true.

Bottom line: Ike is a great asset protection attorney. And knowing him is an asset to my firm.”

– Steve Beatty, President, InVEST–Financial Solutions for Business