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For Arizona Advisors:

Does Your Arizona Advisory Practice Have an On-Call Asset Protection Resource?

Your clients depend on you to be a source of information on a wide variety of complex topics. One of the areas in which clients are increasingly seeking guidance from their financial and legal advisors is in the area of Asset Protection. Having a trusted, proven resource (that complements but never competes with your practice) in this area like Ike Devji will help you serve your clients' needs and remain relevant in an ever-changing professional landscape.

As an Arizona financial or legal advisor, you seek to create steady growth and avoid losses and exposures to things like market risk and income and estate taxes. Part of that stewardship is making sure that the growth you are fostering, as well as the balance of your clients' assets, are safe from exposure to their personal and professional risks and an often-hostile litigation system.

Some of your Arizona clients have obvious exposures, such as a doctor's potential malpractice exposure or the enduring liability that a large commercial contractor faces. Other sources of exposure are more subtle, such as merely being wealthy and visible, owning income producing real estate, or something as common as being a parent or owning and driving a car. Unfortunately, being “right”, careful or heavily insured is not enough to keep your clients safe.

How To Start

Advisors and attorneys seeking to co-counsel, call or email Ike today to discuss how we can help grow your business and retain what you and your clients already earned once.

Why Your Successful Clients Need to Be Proactive About Protecting Their Wealth

  • There are roughly 70,000 lawsuits filed a day in the United States;
  • For those that advise physicians, the average medical malpractice award is $3.9 MM, most physicians will be sued twice in their lifetime. Can your clients can take a seven-figure lawsuit hit?
  • The costs of settling a frivolous lawsuit average $91,000 – plus the actual settlement amount itself;
  • The average sexual harassment suit against a small business produces a verdict of $530,000. Employees are suing more often, winning more often and winning proportionally larger judgments. They win 75% of the time;
  • Only the top 5% of Americans has a net worth of over $1MM. Using that as a baseline, where even your client who is worth “only” a few million dollars fits in on the food chain is alarming


  • We consult with specific clients;
  • We provide top quality educational materials for your clients, client communications and newsletters;
  • We can provide live educational and business development events in person or by webinar or podcast format;
  • Introduce and provide access unique strategies that will protect your clients and add value and profit to your practice in a variety of ways