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Exit and Sudden Wealth Planning

Exit Planning: Congratulations, You Won!

Many of our Arizona business owner clients have been successful for many years and are ready to exit, monetize their businesses and enjoy their hard-earned success. Doing so involves much more than just getting a big check and walking away, even if you've made a million dollars a year for 20 years, you may never had been given a $20 million dollar check before.

This “good” problem requires experienced guidance in a variety of areas to make sure your business legal affairs and risk management are properly structured so that they are attractive to buyers, who shy away from even good establish businesses that appear unorganized or can't answer the right questions. We can also help legally structure the sale in the best way to aid you in getting as much as possible for the sale of your business and properly protect the proceeds of the sale going forward from all sources of risk, including the buyer themselves.

Most business people won't get a second chance to build and sell a business. Our team has helped a large number of successful entrepreneurs in fields including business, medicine, agriculture, real estate, transport, and manufacturing with issues including:

  • Pre-sale legal organization review
  • Due diligence on prospective buyers
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Exit planning and representation in the sale transaction itself
  • Business succession and continuation planning
  • Asset protection planning required seller and for sale proceeds
  • Estate planning changes required by receiving a large amount of liquid wealth

Sudden Wealth

Some success comes as surprise, and we've helped many fortunate people protect their success and good fortune. Some actual examples:

  • Professional athletes signing significant contracts
  • Inheritors of significant wealth including business assets and high value real estate
  • Plaintiffs who have received significant verdicts
  • Those who have sold a significant asset including intellectual property assets like patents, books and screenplays
  • Real-life lottery winners

Whatever your story is, we can make sure it has a happy ending and can provide help in protecting you and your new assets from all those who would separate you from them, giving you a safe space in which those assets can grow and helping make sure they get passed on to whomever you choose.