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Medical Asset Protection

Asset Protection for Arizona Physicians: Our Experience is Unmatched

Asset protection planning for Arizona doctors and medical business owners requires both experience and in-depth knowledge of your specific business and its unique risks. Our founding attorney, Ike Devji, has 16 years of high-level experience protecting a national client base that includes several thousand physicians including nearly a dozen in his own family. Ike is also a noted national CME (continuing medical education) presenter that has taught CME presentations on asset protection, risk management and business law to thousands of doctors in addition his video lectures for The American Education Institute (AEI).

In addition to his actual legal practice and teaching experience, Ike Devji is also a long running contributor to Physician's Practice, The Nation's Leading Practice Management Resource, where he has published roughly 300 articles on asset protection for doctors and related issues since 2011. His work, based on his actual experience with doctors nationwide, has also been featured in Medical Economics and a dozen other specialty medical journals and books for physicians.

What We Do for Doctors

We treat physicians holistically, and seek to identify all your risks, not just your professional liability and medical malpractice concerns. We understand that our doctors are also parents, business owners, employers, investors, board members, real estate owners and wear countless other hats, each with its own associated liability.

Our process is much like yours:

  1. We start with an exam and fact finding about you, your business, and your specific risks
  2. Based on those diagnostics we prescribe a specific course of treatment that includes both legal structures and any preventative risk management required
  3. Periodic follow ups to ensure your legal and financial wellness plan is complete

The result is that your personal assets are properly legally separated from each other and your unrelated personal and professional liability. These assets are also better managed as part of your comprehensive estate plan and your target value, beyond the limits of your insurance, is greatly reduced.

Some of the Personal Services We Provide Physicians:

  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Personal Asset Protection Planning
  • Investment Structure Planning for Real Estate Investments
  • Prenuptial Planning
  • Divorce Representation

Medical Business Asset Protection Examples

  • Business Risk Management Planning 
  • Business Legal Planning Including Corporate Formation and Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Due Diligence and Contract Review
  • Employment Manuals and Employment Law Defense
  • Executive Compensation Planning 
  • Medical Board Complaint Representation
  • Business Litigation and Litigation Defense 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions