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second to none

“Ike Devji is an asset and wealth protection attorney who is second to none in his industry. Ike understands finance and wealth protection better than anyone I have ever spoken to, done business with, or learned from. Just as important is the fact that Ike ALWAYS looks out for his client's well-being before that of himself. Literally all of my clients who I referred to Ike report that his insightfulness knows no bounds and his positive and informative nature makes dealing with difficult issues something that the clients are not afraid to do as Ike guides them through the financial maze of asset and wealth planning. I am very much pleased with the advice and services Ike Devji has provided me and my clients. I will continue to work with Ike Devji for as long as he remains willing to assist me and my clients. I recommend that you immediately contact Ike to set up an appointment to discuss your asset and wealth protection strategy. I am near certain that a simple review with Ike will result in an improved, more stable, and better paying wealth and asset protection plan. I 100% unequivocally recommend Ike Devji.”

– Mike Troncellito, Managing Attorney, Troncellito Law